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Scholarships for Students of African Descent Pursuing Business or Entrepreneurship

Olympia's Gift Scholarship Fund was founded by a very proud Uncle that wanted to pass along an opportunity that he knew his niece would be afforded - a clear path to success through education.

Applications for 2024-25 Academic School Year Opening Soon.

Young Businesswoman


To provide scholarships and bursaries to students of African descent enrolled in post-secondary business or entrepreneurship programs at accredited Canadian and American institutions.

Olympia's Gift Scholarship Fund is dedicated to supporting the education and career development of students of African descent enrolled in post-secondary business or entrepreneurship programs. The Charity provides scholarships and bursaries to assist with the cost of tuition and related expenditures. Awards are given on the basis of merit and/or financial need.

Each year, the board of directors of the Charity will determine the number of scholarships and bursaries available for disbursement to eligible applicants ranging from $2,500-$5,000. The Charity may award an amount in excess of $5,000 to a particular student based on an exceptional application and demonstrated financial need.


Each scholarship and bursary applicant must:

  1. Be of African descent (have at least one parent whose ancestry originates in the Black ethnic groups of Africa, including Afro-Caribbean and Black Latin American);

  2. Have a grade point average of at least 3.7 (equivalent to an A- grade or 80%); and

  3. Be enrolled in:

    • A post-secondary program of study at an accredited Canadian or American institution, relating to business or entrepreneurship such as, but not limited to: commerce, finance, accounting, economics, management, marketing, and like areas; or

    • The 12th grade and have received confirmation of acceptance into a post-secondary program of study as set out above.

Award Activity

  • Scholarship awards are established to assist with the costs of tuition. Scholarships will be disbursed in installments for each year of the recipient’s degree or program provided the recipient remains eligible under this policy and provides proof of continued enrolment in the program of study indicated on their application.

  • Bursary awards are established to assist with the costs associated with participation in professional and/or career development programs/opportunities, which may include, but are not limited to, association membership fees, conference fees, and seminar fees.

  • Scholarships and bursaries may be given in combination.

  • Scholarships and bursaries will be awarded on the basis of merit and/or financial need.

  • Involvement in community initiatives, extra-curricular activities, and participation in special projects will form part of the applicant’s profile and may be considered by the board in awarding scholarships and bursaries pursuant to this policy.


OGSF Award Winners

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